30 Trends Women Hate

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Rape jokes, catcalling, slut-shaming: I know you’ve enthused one of the three, guys. And they are hilarious, right? But do you often get the feeling that women just don’t get it when you let your comedic genius shine? And don’t you just hate when girls do not appreciate your advances and leave you “friend-zoned”? Devastating, I know.

I asked a number of women online about what really grinds their gears about men. Some spoke of the social problems that men deem totally okay. Other women believe you need to look in the mirror before you comment on how a woman looks. Or learn to speak when spoken to. It seems that they don’t appreciate things in exactly the same way as men do. Sorry, boys.

  1. Misogyny.
  2. Not being able to do simple tasks.

    “Not being able to keep on top of laundry or change their bedding or wash dishes. Because they never needed to learn that. Because they assumed Mammy would do it forever.”

    “Not washing their hands after they pee. DISEASE PREVENTION 102: if you touch your genitals, wash hands immediately.”

  3. Not liking condoms.

    “Not every woman has the privilege of being on the pill. Women are at a greater risk when they have unprotected sex.”

    “I’ve had guys tell me that they “Just don’t carry condoms”. Because that makes me feel safe having sex with you for the first time.”

  4. Combovers.

    “I’ve seen some boys with combovers so bad that their hairline is parted wider than Moses did with the sea.”

  5. Wearing clothes their mother obviously bought them, i.e. Primark Family Guy t-shirts and straight leg jeans.

    “Because they are adult man babies and can’t buy their own fucking clothes.”

  6. Brown slip-on formal shoes.
    No quote needed; just burn them all.
  7. Urinating anywhere but into the toilet.
    “Like, you even lift the seat up to make it easier, how do you still miss?”
  8. Patronising women when they stand up to you because you think they are being “cute”.
  9. Calling women “slut” or “whore” during sex.

    “I don’t care if it turns you on; it’s degrading and disgusting and you don’t deserve to orgasm if you think that I shouldn’t be treated with respect.”

  10. Calling women “sluts” or “whores” at any given moment, at any given time, ever.
  11. Breathing.
  12. Telling women that have no sense of humour when they say something that isn’t funny.

    “Rape is not, was not and never will be funny so stop telling me I’m an “uptight bitch” if I don’t laugh at your horrific, indecent comments.”


  13. Out of context dick pics.

    “I got a dick pic when they guy was on the toilet. He was doing that weird pointy toe thing like you do when you’re about to take a shit. And his knob was flaccid, resting on the toilet seat.”

  14. Dick pics.
  15. Not believing women when they talk about oppressions they face that don’t apply to men.

    “It is so degrading hearing a man say that the problems I face don’t exist. It goes straight back to the timeless notion that women are insane and over-emotional.”

  16. Passing comment about your interest in sport.

    “Like if you don’t follow rugby it’s ‘Well of course not, you’re a girl!” Eh no, I grew up in a rural village we watched hurling. Shut the fuck up.”

  17. Using the term “friendzone”.
  18. Justifying objectification as “a compliment”.

    “I hate the trend that exists that because a man compliments us on our physical appearance, we’ve been taught to just ‘take the compliment’ or be grateful about it, regardless of if it makes us uncomfortable or not. We’re taught to sometimes even THANK them, and smile and nod, because god forbid we might piss them off if we challenge them on how wrong it is, our how uncomfortable they’re making us. Some women do not like attention being drawn to their physical appearance, be that just passing in the street, on public transport, or my personal favourite, when it’s roared out a passing car window. A simple genuine ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ would suffice, lads.”

  19. Public ball-scratching.

    “Saying “Balls get really itchy, you wouldn’t understand”, BECAUSE I HAVE NO GENITALS THAT EVER ITCH.”

  20. Making comments on womens’ appearances letting them know what men like.

    “Telling you men like women with short hair/long hair/ a bit of meat on their bones/ certain style of clothes. YEA COZ THATS EXACTLY WHY I WAS DOING IT FOR THE MENZ.”

  21. Not leaving women alone when they ask you to, after many previous more subtle attempts to ask/make you leave.
  22. Telling women that they look ill or tired without make-up on.
  23. Telling women they are wearing too much make up.
  24. Blaming PMS for EVERYTHING.

    “Men have literally said to me that I “must be on my period” when I get legitimately aggravated by something they’ve done.”

  25. Not being sympathetic towards women when they are on their period.
  26. Mansplaining.
  27. Not getting that women like cars and “men things” too, and shocker may know more than they do.
  28. Asking “How many people have you slept with?” or setting a limit on how many guys a girl can have slept with to be potential girlfriend material.
  29. Telling women they need to put on or lose weight.
  30. Misogyny.

So there you have it, boys. The top 30 trends women hate. If you can tell us how to act, dress and behave; we can do the same for you.