After the Hibernation

I do not know whether to apologise for my absence or not; this blog was never created to entertain others. I suppose I can only apologise to those who always believed that my writing was something of worth, and not just word vomit.

It has been a long six months of severe creative drain, and all I had wanted to write about was frustration and sadness (which was all I had the capacity to feel). I believe that my experience over the past few months has definitely changed me; for better or for worse, you decide. I have learned a lot about myself, about people, about politics. And I intend to start writing about them immediately.

This is not a post to be bursting with excuses; I had time to write and I chose not to. It was out of fear that I had run my course and that I could not inspire anyone anymore. How could I do that if I could not inspire myself?

After weeks of terrible independent films and drinking instant coffee like water, I feel like I might have come full circle. I do not feel much better, but I certainly do not feel worse. I feel like I am ready to take the plunge all over again and spark some discussions along the way.

You can expect posts about being an intern, gendered aspects of language and a whole lot of other ramblings dedicated to guilt, masturbation and poetry.

I hope you will stick around to read them all.




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