Why Pro-Choice Should Always Matter

6a00d8345357ef69e20168e88ef177970c-500wiI’m not usually the type of person to beat down other people’s views, although I may come across that way, because I am very strict with my opinions. But the Pro-Life campaign in Ireland is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever come across. Not only is it a movement to keep abortion illegal, it is a movement against women’s rights, a movement of conservatism and oppression.

The main contributors to this cause are the Youth Defence, who are borderline Westboro Baptist Church crazy. Their webpage contains laughable accusations that abortion is “murder” and evidently tries to distract the reader through colloqualism, as there is an extreme lack of factual information. Their merchandise is bright and colourful and attempts to create a vision of idyllic, elated community which support this cause. In reality, the Youth Defence are a group of ignorant, bigoted human beings who clearly do not understand the meaning of the word “choice”.

The amount of incorrect data which the Youth Defence use to gain support is enormous. False claims that the government was willing to abort babies up to 9 months fuel their campaign. In reality, 90% of abortions take place before 13 weeks. Their posters claim that “Abortion will not treat suicide”. Yeah, everyone knows that. As suicide is often a result of depression, brought on by the pressures of life; the trigger could be an unplanned pregnancy. The most ludicrous statement that the Youth Defence has made was that women “need to learn to avoid rape”. This was a statement which was made after they pulled this stunt; something which offended me so much that I was left shouting and screaming for hours.

I have engaged in several discussions on their Facebook page which did get quite heated. I was called a fascist for stating that women should have the right to choose and the right over their own bodies. A few of my friends were called abusive for voicing their opinions, with the males being called “creeps”. They called the pro-choice movement “conservative” and claimed it supported the murder of babies. The majority of the Youth Defence supporters are misinformed and are still grasping on to Eamon DeValera’s vision of “dancing at the crossroads”, where women hold a traditional role and have little rights.

What surprises me most is that the majority of the pro-life movement is women. It is shocking, disturbing and depressing that females are willing to let men have more rights than them. Look at Wendy Davis: she spoke for over 10 hours to kill the anti-abortion bill in Texas. Miss Davis is a hero in the face of feminism. She understands that each woman is different. She understands that having a baby is a terrifying and life-changing experience, which many women aren’t ready for. Having a child could make or break you. Only you can decide what is best for you; not the state. Not one female TD would do such a thing for Irish women.

And disallowing a woman to make her own choices is treating every Irish female woman like a second-class citizen. Branding abortion as a criminal offence defines women who have gone through the process as felons. In the eyes of the state, if a woman has an abortion, she is seen as a murderer. Murderers in Ireland must serve life imprisonment. Now if this woman was raped, her rapist wouldn’t even get close to serving that time. Many rapists actually avoid imprisonment. So women are seen as lesser than men once more in our quaint, traditional Irish State.

It is 2013. The Dáil is male-dominated with 141 males to 25 females. And this gender imbalance has been a tradition since the foundation of the Dáil in 1919. Majority rules which leaves the women in the dark. And besides, why should the state have a say in what’s best for you? Those who run our country have only done the best for themselves over the past few decades.

As well as this, we are a state still in the clutches of the Catholic Church. Although their power has been lessened significantly, our constitution, education system and political parties are highly influenced by their teachings. It is another organisation driven by men.  An organisation which has no concept of what is best for women. Bishops have been claiming that the Abortion Bill proposes “the deliberate and intentional killing of an unborn child”. I’m not even going to type what I think about this. You can all imagine me screaming and throwing things around my room. And because of this influence of the church, children are being indoctrinated to keep the taboo of abortion in Irish society alive.

The fact that women are willing to put up with misogyny like this is incredulous. Pro-choice is about giving liberty to women. The legalisation of abortion will not result in mass-termination of pregnancies, and it is certainly not murder. It’s my vagina and I can decide what I want to do with it. The government doesn’t own me and you shouldn’t let it own you either. Everyone is entitled to do what they want with their bodies. Men have full control over theirs, so why shouldn’t we?

Power to the pussy. Don’t let them kill the bill.


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