Why John Waters Still Matters


John Waters is one of my heroes. Not only is he one of my heroes, but he is on of my idols and is close to the top of people who inspire me. He is all round talented: a writer, producer, actor and director. After I watched Pink Flamingos, I immediately fell in love with his sick sense of humour.

At the premiere of this film in 1972, the audience were presented with “barf bags“, just incase Waters’ twisted vision got the better of them. Some scenes are quite questionable, but I instantly fell in love with Mink Stole, Edith Massey and of course, Divine. What I love most about John Waters is that he took a simple Baltimore setting and completely made it his own, by focusing on the sick, sad world we live in.

Waters has been shocking the world since the late ’60s, with films like Eat Your Makeup and Mondo TrashoA lot of his films have been frowned upon because of their content and subject matter. But John Waters is the brains behind the popular and treasured Hairspraywhich has been a Broadway smash-hit for quite some time. He also has directed Cry Babywhich stars Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop and Ricki Lake.

Although I enjoy Hairspray, I still prefer the brash, blunt and all-bearing Waters’ films. Female Trouble and Pink Flamingos both get five stars from me. Both films are brimming with filth, sick comedy and stellar acting from regular Waters’ cast members.

Divine steals the show in Pink FlamingosShe plays the filthiest person alive and battles against the horrid Marbles for the title. Between eloping with her son and shoving a piece of meat up her dress to releasing her bowels to Little Richard’s “The Girl Can’t Help It“, Divine definitely earns best actress. The film is absolutely amazing to me. A real shocker. No present-day, popular filmmaker would dare go to John Waters’ lengths.

Female Trouble also casts Divine as the main star. This time, she plays a rebellious teenager who really likes to cause trouble at school, at home and basically anywhere she goes. She gives birth to a daughter, Taffy, who is traumatised by her mother. Taffy is played by Mink Stole and delivers my favourite Waters’ quote:

“I wouldn’t suck your lousy dick if I was suffocating and there was oxygen in your balls!”

The film was dedicated to Charles “Tex” Watson of the Manson Family, who inspired Waters to make a film about “crime as beauty”.

John Waters has really changed the face of cinema. He is a lovable madman. He is an illustrious genius. If you turn your nose up at Waters’ works of art, then:



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