Why Morrissey Still Matters


I feel like this is a very apt subject as Why Morrissey Still Matters will be taking place tomorrow Wednesday the 17th of April in Dublin’s Sugar Club.

Since I was about fifteen/sixteen years old, Morrissey began to shape and mould my thoughts and the way I thought about life. It all started with The Smiths’ 1984 compilation album Hatful of Hollow. His lyrics touched me: they were oozing with personality and emotion. And for the first time I realised that I was not alone and that somebody felt like me: a confused, lonely weird kid that no one really liked all that much.

I began to explore his music more and more as I struggled through the harshness of secondary school. His themes of isolation, lost love, and distaste of human beings echoed through my mind daily. I began to overcome adversities which I never thought I could face through his music. He motivated me to be myself and share my feelings. 

I know that I’m not alone when I say that Morrissey’s music has been there for me more times than people have been. I value him a lot more than a lot of the people I have met in everyday life. He has moved me to such an extent that he has become a vital part of my life.

As he sings in Rubber Ring, “Don’t forget the songs that made you cry and the songs that saved your life”. I know for a fact that Morrissey will be in my life forever, as a kind of guardian angel of sorts.

For your listening pleasure, and in the hopes that you too will fall in love with this charming man, here are some of my favourite Morrissey songs.

Friday Mourning 

Seasick, Yet Still Docked (Featured in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower)

To Me You Are A Work Of Art

That’s How People Grow Up

I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me


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