Why Kevin Smith Still Matters


Writer, director and all round funny-man. Kevin Smith has been the genius behind many cult classics such as Clerks, Dogma and Mallrats. His last film Red State was released in 2011, but it’s promotion was too little and not much was said about this groundbreaking film which challenged religious cults.

Even though it parodied the Westboro Baptist Church and contained a perfect amount of violence which thrilled instead of scared the audience, Smith’s work seemed to go basically unnoticed.

He is best known for the Clerks films, soon to become a trilogy. It’s everyday, normal settings allow the audience to easily identify with the character’s problems and emotions. The re-occurring characters in his films create continuity which seems to link a number of his films together to tell a chronological story, over which you can see Smith perfecting his art over time.

I have always had a keen interest in cinema, and want to be a writer/director. Kevin Smith has enthralled me for a number of years. He has both talents perfected. His films embody a perfect balance of intelligent and stupid comedy. With various pop culture references and extremely likable characters, Smith makes incredible films for everyone to enjoy.

If you like intelligent wit, Star Wars and ridiculously funny characters like Jay or Rufus, then you should definitely indulge in Kevin Smith’s wonderful creations. Whenever I feel upset, I know that any of his films will always make me laugh. I’ve watched each of his films countless times and I still end up in stitches at Randal Graves, Jay and Silent Bob and the hilarious ending of Red State.

He also has some genius stand-up, sometimes with his “partner-in-crime” Jay Mewes by his side.

If you think that Kevin’s work tickles your fancy follow him on Twitter to get updates on his current and future projects.

Kevin Smith ALWAYS serves comedy. So the next time you go to pick up Bridesmaids, Friends With Benefits, or some other generic pile of crap, think of this:



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